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Name of the show, date the episode was filmed, episode #, episode name, air date, and synopsis.

Diagnosis Murder (1993) #174 "The Red's Shoes" Lee Moy April 4, 2001

Dr. Mark Sloan becomes entangled in a serious incident with the Chinese government when Amanda tries to hide a famed ballet dancer who plans to defect to the U.S.

When Amateratsu, a friend of Rebecca from her days at Oxford, arrives in Paris with her Grandfather Kajimori, Rebecca is overjoyed. But when Kajimori disappears, supposedly taken by the Pufifying one; a spirit from a supreme level of consciousness, a chase ensues which inevitably leads our heroes into the path of the League of Darkness.

Walker, Texas Ranger (1993) #8.18 "Black Dragons" Edward Song February 26, 2000

Diplomatic immunity covers a cultural minister's son after he assaults Gage, who overheard him talking about heroin just before their encounter.
Gage intervenes when he comes upon a fight between the arrogant son of a Chinese diplomat and his girlfriend. When the young man assaults Gage and is spared prosecution because of his diplomatic immunity, Walker and the team decide to investigate the diplomat's son.
They uncover his links to a violent group of Chinese drug dealers known as the Black Dragons. It's up to the Rangers to devise a plan to prevent them from distributing the deadly Black Dot heroin, which has already claimed the lives of several Dallas youths.

7th Heaven (1999) #75 "Dirty Laundry" Henry Muranaka November 22, 1999

After Eric (Stephen Collins) receives a mysterious check of $20,000, he learns that the gift was from one of his parishoners who was a WWII internment camp survivor. When he hears that the woman has never been able to move on from her internment experience, he helps her to come to terms with her pain. Meanwhile, Ruthie (MacKenzie Rosman) learns a valuable lesson about the meaning of friendship; Matt (Barry Watson) and Shana have a miscommunication about laundry that sends their relationship temporarily into a tailspin; Simon (David Gallagher) is woeful over the injustices of the world, and Mary (Jessica Biel) adjusts to her lower social status at school.

"Martial Law" (1998) #21 "Requiem" Master Reng May 1,1999

Lee Hei and his daughter, Lin Pai Chin, are back in America trying to set up a big drug deal to finance their other criminal activities.

Martial Law (1998) #20 "Red Storm" Master Reng April 4, 1998

While waiting at the airport for the arrival of his teacher, Master Reng, from China Sammo gets involved with trying to stop a gang of crazed terrorists.

JAG (1995) #4.3 "Innocence" Ichiro Higashimori October 6, 1998

Harm and Mac must don their diplomatic hats when they're dispatched to Tokyo to represent an ensign accused of raping a young Japanese girl. Once the trial begins, the disparities between Japanese and American courtroom procedures put Harm at odds with the ensign's Japanese defense attorney, in turn putting US/Japanese relations at an all-time low.
When what began as the trial of an ensign turns into a trial of the United States Navy, Harm and Mac realize that in order to defend the ensign from life in a Japanese prison, they must actually solve the rape case on foreign soil.

Walker, Texas Ranger (1993) #5.21 "Heart of the Dragon" Dr. Henry Lee April 4, 1997

A Chinese tong steals the missing piece from a rival tong to restore the purported magical powers of a jade dragon statue, which is then taken by a man who believes it will cure his comatose sister.

Platypus Man (1995) #1.13 "Dying to Live" Mr. Lou May 5, 1995

Paige takes Richard, Tommy, Lou to see a psychic. He tells Lou that he will have a windfall, Paige that she will marry the next guy she dates, Tommy that he is going to medical school, and Richard that he will die on Tuesday after being kissed by a Greek man. On the bright side, he will be reincarnated as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model (Kathy Ireland gets the cover). He also tells Richard that all their fates are intertwined, all must come true for one to come true. Tommy hires a Chinese chef and ends up delivering food to a med school. Lou wins $5,000 in the lottery, and Paige's boyfriend asks her to marry him. Richard starts to panic, and after talking to Mr. Lou makes piece with all the women he has ever angered. Richard has everyone over at his place on Tuesday night too see if he dies. Stavlos comes in to tell him that there is a plumbing emergency, and ends up kissing Richard, who gets everyone to agree to give up their good fortune so that he doesn't get killed in the remaining minute before Wednesday.

Frasier (1993) #22 "Author, Author" Sam Tanaka May 5, 1994

Sibling rivalry flares when Frasier and Niles decide to collaborate on a self-help book.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (1992) #31 "Tournament" Li Sung April 18, 1994

Caine enters a martial-arts tournament sponsored by a scheming industrialist (Mako) who stole Caine's true love 30 years before - and who still harbors a grudge against the priest. Chan returns as Li Sung's head of security, and invites Caine to the tournament to "stir up the pot." Chan has learned that Tan had been a protege to Li Sung, as well as the fact that Li Sung's paramour was once Caine's love. Peter follows Caine, under the auspices of a joint police department/FBI/Canadian Special Forces effort.
Villain: Li Sung (Mako)
Quotes of Note:
"Sometimes one must fight the physical battle so that the spiritual combat may be won." - Caine to Li Sung
"To win those, you need more than kung fu." - Li Sung in reply
"Because of the harm you have done, the path of my life has emerged. For that I thank you." - Caine to Li Sung

Lovejoy (1986) #2.11 "Riding in Rollers" (part 1 of "Black Virgin...") Toshiro Tanaka 1991

Cassandra Lynch, an American acquaintance of Lovejoy's, has been sold some fake antiques by Harry Catapodis. He offers to buy them back, but can't promise that they will not get back into circulation. Meanwhile, Harry is selling a Satsuma bowl to a Japanese Banker With the aid of the banker and an assortment of other odd characters, Lovejoy sets out to get back at Harry, and make some money. Part 1 of 2

Lovejoy (1986) #2.12 Toshiro Tanaka "Black Virgin of Vladimir" March 17, 1991

When a devious antiques dealer swindles a beautiful American widow, Lovejoy sets out to nab the thief . . . and seduce the widow!

The Equalizer (1988) #4.3 "Riding the Elephant" November 9, 1988

McCall helps a Thai boxer and his girl friend extricate themselves from the clutches of a racketeer with old connections to McCall's former employers.

The platoon is moved to an area where an irrigation project is underway, and they have been given the "cushy" job of providing security for engineers working there. The irrigation project is part of the "Redevelopment Program" to bring modern technology to the peassants of Vietnam. Bravo Co arrives to relieve, only to find that the CO was killed while taking out a patrol. It seems that the VC know the American's every move. Before the old outfit leaves, they introduce Goldman and Anderson to their Kit Carson scout -- an ex-VC, named Tran. Tran advises more patrols to counter the problem, and Goldman agrees. But everytime the Americans leave the village they are ambushed. Meanwhile, Horn has become fascinated with the Buddhists. During his visits with the priest in his search for understanding, Horn accidentally discovers how the GI's are being set up: it is the monks, using their temple bell.

Spenser: For Hire (1985) #41 "My Brother's Keeper" Tommy Nguyen March 14, 1987

Spenser becomes embroiled in the seamy Vietnamese organized crime racket after a Vietnamese crime boss uses Spenser to track down a former soldier.

The A-Team (1983) #2.2 "Recipe For Heavy Bread" Lin Duk Coo September 27, 1983

The cook from the team's POW camp serves them a tip about a drug deal between the camp's ex-commander and a man who sold out to him as a prisoner.

The Greatest American Hero (1981) #38 "Thirty Seconds Over Little Tokyo" Master of Flowers February 3, 1983

A young Japanese scientist has access to a new weapon which is wanted by a syndicate who hold the developer's uncle as a hostage. Things get lively when Ralph helps deliver the weapon-a laser.

Magnum, P.I. (1980) #3.13 "The Arrow That Is Not Aimed" Tozan January 27, 1983

Robin purchases a Kenzan porcelain plate for 500,000 pounds. Tozan, a samurai warrior, is supposed to deliver the plate, but does not arrive. Magnum agrees to help him recover the plate from the ninja who stole it. Tozan agrees to commit sepuku if he does not recover the plate. They meet Fukuda, a Japanese businessman. Thomas agrees to be Tozan's assistant at his suicide. They are led to Gallager, a souvenir shop owner, but the plate is destroyed. Thomas stops Tozan from committing sepuku. Gallager admits to making counterfeit plates after seeing the original. Tozan and Thomas find Kukuda and the ninja. Tozan defeats them and Thomas finds the original Kenzan among the fakes.

Voyagers! (1982) #1.9 "The Travels of Marco...and Friends" December 3, 1982

A trip to depression-era New York links Bogg and Jeff to a retired voyager; the greatest to ever live: Isaac Wolfstein. They take Isaac to an island to live out the remainder of his life, then land in Marco Polo's time only to find that Marco is not where he should be. To return things back to normal, Jeff and Bogg join Marco's caravan and Jeff manages to get caught by warriors who plan to sell him as a slave. Bogg returns to seek the advice of Wolfstein and ends up saving him from a nuclear test on the island. Bogg and Wolfstein return to Marco's time and save Jeff, then return Isaac to New York to have dinner with Albert Einstein, whose life they had saved earlier.

The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne "The Inquisitor"



A Japanese father's banzai traditionalism alienates his happily Americanized daughter. Miko wrecked Jo's bike when her father was going to take her out of Eastland.



Bring 'Em Back Alive (1982) "The Pied Piper" 1982

Frank gets involved with a missionary and her young charges when a downed American pilot dies at her mission after passing on information needed in Singapore.

Sequel to Another Path. David returns to San Francisco to continue working with his old friend Li Sung on a cure to controlling his transformations into the creature. Unfortunately, the old philosopher is now dying and his entire dynasty will fade away unless one of his students can be convinced to take over his teachings.


Wonder Woman (1976) #3.12 "Going, Going, Gone" Mr Brown January 12, 1979

A black-market warhead recovered from a Russian jet is up for sale to the highest bidder but Wonder Woman arrives in time to foil the sale.

While stowing away in the back of a truck, David meets a blind Chinese philosopher who offers him the chance to cure his affliction using Chinese meditation techniques. David follows Li Sung back to San Francisco only to become inadvertently involved in a battle against a rival in Li Sung's community.

Columbo: Murder Under Glass (1977) (TV) Kanji Ousu

Members of the Restaurant Developers Association routinely hand over twenty-five percent of their profits to powerful food critic Paul Gerard. In return, he praises their restaurants in his television show, radio program, newspaper column and magazine pieces. Vittorio Rossi, however, is tired of paying blackmail money to the mercenary Gerard. At a private eight oclock dinner in the kitchen of Vittorios restaurant, the critic calmly listens as the volatile Italian repeats an earlier threat to expose the extortion scheme. Seemingly unconcerned, Paul leaves before Vittorio opens the bottle of wine he has his nephew Mario bring up from the cellar. With only Mario present, Vittorio drinks some wine and starts searching drawers. He stops suddenly, doubles over in pain. Screaming in agony, he falls to the floor- poisoned.


A North Korean soldier forces Hawkeye to perform an emergency roadside operation on his buddy.

M*A*S*H (1972) #8.3 "Guerilla My Dreams" Lt. Hung Lee Park October 1, 1979

The arrival of a wounded Korean woman sparks a conflict at the 4077th: Hawkeye wants to heal her, but a steely ROK officer (Mako) is more anxious to question her about alleged guerilla activities.

Hawaii Five-O (1968) # 8.184 "Legacy of Terror" Kazuo Tahashi January 1, 1976

As sleazy lawyer Alex Kelsey (Don Porter) pours kerosene out of a lamp at the beginning of the show to incinerate his client Minoru Tahashi, the lamp falls apart! Tahashi lives at 107 Pepeekeo Street, and was born in 1896 -- he dies in 1975. He has a safety deposit box containing information about gold bullion stashed during World War Two -- the box number is 17. Lew Ayres as Commander Reginald Blackwell speaks Japanese at Tahashi's funeral to his son Kazuo (Mako): "I'm so sorry this happened." Chin Ho seems to be having a bad horoscope day. First, Kazuo gives him a hard time for tailing in the usual obvious manner. Then two thugs flatten Chin's tire. And at the end he walks right in front of Kazuo who is about to shoot at the cops! Moe ("Truck") Keale plays local mobster Din Lee. His two goons are accompanied by cheap-sounding music. Their car license number is 9F-2161. Arte McCollough plays a cop named Tolaka.

M*A*S*H (1972) #5.10 "Hawkeye Get Your Gun" Major Choi November 30, 1976

After 24 hours of surgery, Hawkeye and Potter venture off to a Korean hospital to lend a hand. Hawkeye is appalled to learn that he must carry a gun. After helping the Koreans, they are shelled on the way back. They scramble from the jeep before it is shelled, and Potter urges Hawkeye to shoot in self-defense, against Hawkeye's will.

M*A*S*H (1972) #3.2 "Rainbow Bridge" Dr. Lin Tam September 17, 1974

As Hawkeye and Trapper are planning to leave for Tokyo, an unusual offer to swap POW patients between the Chinese and the 4077th comes in. Henry, after much debate, agrees to send Hawkeye, Trapper, Frank, Radar, and Klinger into enemy territory. Frank almost botches the swap when he brings a squirt gun to the exchange. Fortunately, the Chinese Dr. Lin Tam has a sense of humor; he went to the University of Illinois, after all. Hawkeye: "You've started something really decent in the middle of an indecent war, Tam. Don't let nine men suffer because one idiot thinks he can play General Custer."


Kung Fu (1972) #1.5 "The Tide" Wong Ti Lu February 1, 1973

While seeking his brother, Caine is recognized by Houghton, a man for whom Danny Caine once worked. Houghton arranges for Sheriff Boggs to capture Caine, then claims that he alone deserves the reward. Boggs kills Houghton and shoots Caine, who knocks Boggs unconscious and escapes the jail. Caine is helped by a Chinese woman, Su Yen Lu, who takes him to a secluded cave and cares for him.

Su Yen Lu is the daughter of a great poet, who has been jailed for two years by the Emperor. Su Yen sends to San Francisco for her brother, Wong Ti Lu, and help. While she waits for his arrival, Cain'es wound worsens, and she tends him, holding him until his fever breaks. When Caine improves, they become lovers.

Wong Ti Lu arrives with two helpers, and Su Yen explains her plan to exchange Caine for her father. They go to the cave, and despite her betrayal, Caine gives his word to go with them, because she wishes it. As they leave the cave, Sheriff Boggs arrives and fires on them. Boggs kills Wong Ti, and Su Yen kills Boggs. As he dies, Wong Ti tells Su Yen that their father is dead. Su Yen says good-bye to Caine, even though he asks her to go with him.

Anna and the King #8 "The King and the Egg" October 27, 1972

The F.B.I. (1965) #3.81 "Southwind" March 3, 1968

The Big Valley (1965) #3.22 "Rimfire" Wong Lo February 16, 1968

Jarrod is in Rimfire to negotiate the merger of the Barkley and Glover silver mines. Unfortunately, land between the two mines is occupied by Chinese "squatters" who have taken over abandoned real estate. They insist they will not be bought out, and tensions rise.

The Time Tunnel (1966) #1.17 "Kill Two by Two" Lt. Nakamura January 6, 1967

Dropped on a Pacific Island in 1945, Doug and Tony are engaged in a deadly game by a despairing Japanese flyer.

As Doug and Tony tumble out of the vortex of time into an island jungle, Tony sprains his ankle. Doug is scouting for medical supplies when he is spotted by an old Japanese Sergeant, Itsugi, who opens fire on him. Doug hits the dirt just in time, and when the gun jams Itsugi is easily overpowered. The pair discover they're on a Pacific island that has just been abandoned by the Japanese, and the time is, of course, World War II. Tony is testing his bandaged ankle when another Japanese, Nakamura, appears and captures the American pair. The young flyer tells them that he means to have a little sport before killing them. He is out to prove how superior he is. Nakamura invents a game; they are, he says, two against two, and they will stalk each other through the jungle, he handicapped by a partner who is an old man. Nakamura then offers some information and a prize. The Americans will be landing today he says, thinking the island to be abandoned, but the Japanese have a mass air attack planned. The prize is the shack, in it is a radio transmitter they could use to warn their side. The Tunnel complex scientists now know that the island is near Owo Jima and that the time is February 1945. To get an exact fix on the endangered pair, they have sent for an expert on the area. Doug, meanwhile, manages to slip into the shack storehouse and gets away with six grenades, a theft soon discovered by Nakamura. Doug melts into the jungle, puzzled by talk he has overheard between Nakamura and Itsugi who seems to think that Nakamura deserves to die. Doug and Tony, rig a jungle trap, then set off a grenade to lead the Japanese to the spot. But Nakamura discovers the booby-trap. The time travellers split up, Doug to try to get Nakamura and Tony to try to rush to the shack to wire for help. The expert has arrived at the Tunnel. He is an elderly man, Dr. Nakamura, who feels faint at the sight of the young man on the island. It is his son, long thought dead. Nakamura was a kamikaze pilot, the Doctor explains, but he abandoned a mission and was then left behind on the island to do the honourable thing - to kill himself. This is what Nakamura is really trying to do. Desperately his father offers the Tunnel team an impossible choice: he will give no information on the island's location unless they will pick up his son. Reluctantly Kirk orders a fix on Nakamura. With the Americans by now passing the island, the scientists need to move quickly. But Nakamura has decided to fulfil his sacred obligation. He offers himself to Doug to be killed. Doug can't do it, but a landing marine takes care of it for him. Then, as the island is taken, Doug and Tony are swept up into the corridor of time.

McHale's Navy (1962) #2.6 "Have Kimono, Will Travel" First Japanese soldier October 21, 1963

PT-73 runs out of gas, forcing McHale and his crew to pull in at an island occupied by Japanese troops.

McHale's Navy (1962) #2.3 "McHale and His Schweinhunds" Lt. Yamasake September 30, 1963

Ensign Parker destroys part of a valuable island while attacking a German U-boat.

McHale's Navy (1962) #1.24 "One Enchanted Weekend" Captain Uzaki March 28, 1963

Capt. Binghamton denies Parker's request to spend leave with Emile Gerard and his pretty daughter, Yvette, on their plantation.

McHale's Navy (1962) #1.13 "The Captain's Mission" First Japanese January 10, 1963

Tired of being tied to a desk, Binghamton borrows McHale's PT boat and crew and sails in search of the enemy.

McHale's Navy (1962) #1.5 "Movies Are Your Best Diversion" The Japanese Sentry November 8, 1962

Lt. Commander Quinton McHale and the motley crew of PT boat 73 are assigned the mission of saving a convoy. Although they discover a valuable weapon in motion picture soundtracks, pandemonium still reigns.

F Troop (1965) #2.18 "From Karate with Love" Casey January 5, 1967

A samurai is looking for a Japanese girl.

"The Green Hornet" (1966) #1.10 "The Preying Mantis" Low Sing November 18, 1966

Gidget (1965) #1.13 "The War Between Men, Women and Gidget" December, 8 1968

Possession of an an isolated cove at the beach becomes cause for a battle between Gidget and her friends and the boys.

I Spy (1965) #1.9 "No Exchange on Damaged Merchandise" November 10, 1965

The wife of a captured American pilot dogs Kelly and Scotty as they search for the enemy agent needed to exchange for the pilot.

I Dream of Jeannie (April 13, 1965) #1.4 "Jeannie and the Marriage Caper" Kato October 9, 1965

General Stone has received an ambassador's appointment, and Melissa wants Tony to quit the space program to become her father's military attache.

McHale's Navy (1962) #2.18 "The Balloon Goes Up" Sessua January 13, 1964

Captain Binghamton enlists McHale's aid in locating a $140,000 shortage in the base inventory.

McHale's Navy (1962) #2.13 "A Letter for Fuji" Third Japanese soldier December 9, 1963

Fuji, McHale's pet POW, writes a letter to his girl in Tokyo, and McHale and his men successfully mail it from a Japanese-held island. A stiffer task awaits them, however, when they return to the island to answer mail call and pick up the girl's reply.

Television Series

AKU (voiced by Mako)
Samurai Jack's chief tormenter is a supernatural beast whose reign of evil has infected mankind into a realm of hate and darkness. Aku takes many forms, shifting shapes but creating a looming malevolent presence at all times. Aku knows that Samurai Jack is the only force that can defeat him and interrupt his rule, so he is obsessed with doing everything he can to thwart the displaced warrior. The wizard dispatches an army of minions, including insect-like robots, whose sole purpose is to find and defeat Samurai Jack. Aku is pure evil. Mako endows the shape-shifting wizard with the power and spite that make this character an intriguing villain.

Samarai Jack - Aku


Paradise (1988) #2.14 "Dangerous Cargo" 1/20/1990

Gunfighter Ethan Cord, left to raise his dead sister's children, tries to settle down in the town of Paradise, but finds that his past continues to haunt him.

Vacation Playhouse (1963) "Alfred Of The Amazon" Simba July 31, 1967

Summer replacement show featuring pilot programs that had not been sold.

Mako: A Tribute to a Fine Actor